Room climate

  • Feel of heat as from a tiled stove
  • Minimal oxygen and humidity loss, no need to humidifying the air
  • No thermal stratification
  • Hygienic, no whirring dust
  • Quick temperature adaptability
  • Dry walls, no water condensation, no mildew, no electric-smog, non-metallic heater


  • Space-saving
  • Each room can be heated independently
  • Easy installation, possible to purchase separately when needed
  • No boilers, chimneys, fuel, ash, maintenance, pipes, radiators, water freezing, corrosion, venting
  • Increases the floor area- more effective space usage
  • Can be used for warming-up and drying rooms
  • Ideal for warming-up churches, warehouses, etc.
  • High operational reliability, failure is virtually eliminated
  • Easy operation and control by digital or mechanical thermostats
  • Exactly calculable and controllable power consumption
  • Easily integrable into any environment
  • Average daily operation, about 6-8 hours
  • Modern appealing design
  • Clean and healthy environment in the comfort of your home

Health factors

  • The air remains clean, there is no air or tumble compared to normal combustion process in which oxygen is consumed. There is no need of humidification. Infrared heating is the best alternative to creating a pleasant and healthy ambient climate, especially for people who suffer from dust allergies, or sensitive to any pollutants in the air.