Why Oziris?

Many of us are looking for a suitable heating as a combination for the fireplace with solid fuel, tempering spaces, occasional heating of recreation facilities, as well as full-efficient heating…

The reason why you are reading this?

  • Infrared heating feels much more comfortable – distribution of heat by radiation is most natural for humans (sun)
  • 20% of energy savings in comparison to conventional heating methods (e.g. hot water heating) – arising from the principle of radiant heating
  • Most hygienic way of heating – no dust dispersion and natural stratification of ambient temperature
  • Maintenance-free heating with a lifetime of over 30 years
  • A simple, accurate and inexpensive control – each room can be controlled separately, which brings additional savings in heating
  • No risk of freezing (occasionally happening in heated spaces) – can be used as frost protection
  • Suitable for heating humid places
  • Also suitable for drying wet areas – reducing humidity of radiated walls, increasing thermal resistance of the building and reducing energy consumption of heating
  • Suitable for additional heating of spaces that are difficult to be heated (e.g. local heating in churches and chapels)
  • Suitable for local heating of agricultural areas – animal pens and keeping young at a suitable temperature
  • Ideal for heating terrariums and vivariums for exotic animals and reptiles
  • Suitable for direct installation on flammable surfaces – suitable for recreational facilities such as holiday homes
  • High security of the entire heating system
  • No mechanical parts – no wear – no faults

Infrared panels can be used for additional heating of areas with frequent and longer refrain – they can be placed in living rooms over places such as sofas or chairs, kitchen work spaces, sinks in bathrooms and so on. This way ensuring thermal comfort at lower overall room temperature, which represents considerable savings of heating costs.