Principle of heating

Infrared radiation

It is obvious that without the Sun’s heat and light there would be no life on Earth. Therefore every living creature is maximally adapted to its reception and utilisation. The influence and importance of infrared radiation can be easily detected and verified. When standing in the sun we have a feeling of warmth while in the shade, on the other hand, we have a feeling of cold even the ambient temperature is the same. OZIRIS panels produce that spectrum of infrared radiation that gives you that feeling of comfort and that is of absolutely different kind as so called “harmful types of radiation”.
The surface temperature of OZIRIS panels varies from 80°C to 100°C. They are equipped with a high quality emissivity coefficient of 95 – 97% that allows maximum energy transfer by the needed radiation.
Therefore OZIRIS panels are without negative health effects, but on the other hand improve the environment.

The efficiency of heating

In addition to its low weight OZIRIS panels boat of high performance, allowing, in conjunction with good regulation and maximum use of heat, gain rapid adaptation to the requirements of the ambient temperature.

In addition to energy savings and high quality of heating ecological effects on the environment are not negligible. Low installation power (20-30W/m3) of the heated space allows you to use existing powerlines. The ease of installation, investment costs comparable with conventional heating, low operating costs, virtually unlimited durability and high technical level of the system make OZIRIS panels a highly efficient and promising heating product.

The maximum energy utilization can be achieved by:

  • maximum heat flow, radiation
  • independent heating of separate rooms
  • fast response to temperature changes

These main features of OZIRIS panels in connection with quality regulation help achieve energy savings form 50 to 70%, particularly in transition periods.