Technical details

Our infrared heating panels are produced in Slovakia. All components are produced in one place with absolute production quality control at all levels.
Proof of this approach is a special 15-year warranty, which is unique for these appliances.

The performance part is made of a resistive carbon fiber plate of our own design, which ensures uniform electrical resistance over the whole surface and thus uniform heating over the whole surface of the panel without colder and warmer places and subsequently unmatched durability for the entire product. The panel is made of a non-combustible material, due to which even in case of incorrect wiring or failure there is no risk of fire.

The thermal insulation behind panel provides directional heat distribution and allows the panel to be mounted even on combustible material without a risk of fire.

The base layer of silica sand provides a high emissivity thermal radiation from 95 to 97%, which represents the top products for this type of heating.

The output control – wire circuit panel allows you to regulate power output from 0 – 50% – 100%, providing additional energy savings and better power usage for different heating conditions.

The size and performance range of our panels meets all the customers’ needs and their requirements for optimal design of the panel for a particular purpose or specific use.


A simple calculation of required output for infrared heating:

Calculated with the necessary heat output in the range 25-40W/m3 according to the following criteria:

  1. New buildings with calculated heat loss – only 80% of the value calculated used for conventional heating.
  2. New buildings are well insulated, without calculated losses – 25W/m3
  3. Subsequently insulated buildings – 30W/m3
  4. Non-insulated residential buildings – 35W/m3
  5. Recreational and unheated buildings 40W/m3