OZIRIS Infrapanels

OZIRIS heaters function as a source of thermal energy for the whole or local electrical heating of homes, offices, halls and other areas.

Oziris is a broad shaped heater (panel) adapted in a way so that the functional side of it will maximize energy flow into the heated area.

OZIRIS heaters

convert electricity into infrared radiation at a wavelength of 7-10 µm, radiating into surrounding area on their entire. Infrared radiation does not heat the air in the room, but people and objects, giving a pleasant feeling of warmth even at lower ambient temperatures. Infrared radiation does not leak through windows.

The very principle of infrared heating is simple. Resistive element in the body is heated by passing electric current while heating the front and sides of the panel covered with a layer of silica sand. This way the modified surface maximizing heat radiation.